A Robee Changes Everything

E-commerce, the new star in the world of commerce, is growing day by day. E-commerce sites are making new investments to increase their product diversity and daily sales. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is making sure that the products get delivered to the consumer quickly and correctly. And the way to ensure that they do is through investments in logistics solutions, starting in the warehouse, to make the process of collecting, packaging, and shipping customer purchases as fast and error-free as possible.

  • The Warehouse’s Most Diligent Worker

    In e-commerce warehouses, the process of fulfilling a customer order traditionally begins with an employee navigating the warehouse shelves, locating the product that’s been purchased, collecting it by hand, placing it in a cart, and then finally taking it to a packaging section. This process is time intensive and requires a large number of employees. With Robee, however, the process proceeds very differently: the shelves where the products are located are moved to stations reserved for personnel. Robee lifts up the shelf on which the product is stored and brings it to the designated collection station for retrieval. Robee also undertakes the task of storing new inventory on the warehouse shelves in its designated place. Robee guarantees that collection and handling operations in warehouses are fast, error-free, and safe, as well as more efficient: hundreds of Robees can run for hours without the need for even such basic comforts as lighting and ventilation. They also are able to self-charge by going to a charging station when their battery, which lasts 6–8 hours, drops to a critically low level.

  • Your New Warehouse Collection Station

    Thanks to Robee, warehouse employees don’t need to go out of their way to collect products, the products come to them. This means a warehouse’s entire inventory can be accessed from the collection station. Shelves are lined up by robots in front of the collection station; when an employee needs a particular product, that product will already be right there on the shelf, within arm’s reach. A laser beam marks the box containing the product; it’s then retrieved, barcode scanned, and placed into the appropriate basket. All actions are guided by information on screens, voice commands, and laser beams. After the product is placed in the customer basket, Robee returns the shelf to the warehouse area.