Our Team

At Tekhnelogos, we focus on managing our work, not our workers. Our employees are aware of their responsibilities and the need for self-discipline, and they take pride in their contributions to our common future, both locally and globally. We are constantly learning new things and sharing them with one another, just like a university.

  • Yönetim

    • A.Selami Çalışkan CEO & Founder
    • M.Ali Çalışkan CTO & Founder
    • Osman Subaşı General Manager
    • Nisanur Çalışkan Deputy General Manager
    • Eyüp Önder R&D Coordinator
    • Gökşin Akyüz Regional Marketing Director
  • Sekreterya

    • Dedicated to making the most of the craft and skill of their diverse team through the principles of reason and good management, our management team, the architects of Tekhnelogos, turn the work of many hands into a valuable legacy for the world of the future.

    • Dilara Orman Secretariat
    • Milena Novovic Executive Assistant
  • Marketing & Development

    Our marketing and development team are the guiding lights of our company. Always in search of new ideas and ways to bring them to life, they play an active role in everything from the initial theoretical stages of product development to the research and production phases, turning ideas and hard work into sustainable projects.

    • Emre Odabaşı Product Manager
    • Gamze Tosun Project Supervisor
    • Ahmed Akbayır Product Manager
    • Ali Aydın Product Manager
    • Esranur Çimen UX/UI Designer
    • Enes Çalışkan Sales and Marketing Representative
    • Levent Demirci Account Manager
  • Programming Team

    Our programming team is responsible for the ones and zeros that make up the millions of lines of code upon which everything in our lives depends, from our work, leisure, and social lives to the devices we use and the smartphones in our hands.

    • Mustafa Çavaş Sr. Software Specialist
    • Bilal Sezer Sr. Software Specialist
    • Ümit Açıkgöz Head Of Software Development
    • Gökhan Demirel Front End Software Engineer
    • Bora Karaca Software Development Specialist
    • Masam Mahmood Software Development Specialist
    • Hakan Baynaz Software Development Specialist
    • Harun Demir Software Engineer
    • Tayfun Adakoğlu Software Engineer
  • Robotics Team

    Our robotics team combines mathematical modeling, Internet of Things hardware, and autonomous robots with their process-optimization experience to bring tomorrow just a little bit closer than it was today.

    • A.Doğukan Duran Head Of Robotics Project
    • Furkan Can Yelkenci Mechanical Design Engineer
    • Berkay Sezen Embedded Software Engineer
    • Maziar Movahedi Sr. Software Engineer
    • M.Faruk Işıker Electronics R&D Engineer
    • Büşra İshakoğlu Software Development Specialist
    • Ahmed Bingöl Embedded Software Engineer
    • Egemen Berki Çimen Operations Research Engineer
    • Pınar Koşan Software Engineer
    • Özgür Canpolat Technical Manufacturing Executive
    • Onur Kaşıkçı Hardware Design Engineer
  • Finance & Accounting

    Our finance and accounting team is the backbone of our company, managing our financial responsibilities and ensuring that our resources are used as efficiently as possible in everything we do.

    • Tuğba İbişoğlu Accounting Executive
    • Yeşim Erdağı Head Of Accounting & Finance
    • Lale Aldırmaz Accounting Specialist
    • Orçun Özpınar Accounting Specialist
  • Information Technology & Human Resources

    Our IT and HR teams are the guardians of our company and the protectors of our brand. They secure our data and ensure that our large staff remains organized, productive, and happy.

    • Furkan Bilgin Senior System Manager
    • Mustafa Şahin Information Technology Specialist
    • Büşra Şişman Human Resources Executive
  • Sales & Support

    Our sales and support team is the smiling face of our company, bringing together our products and our customers and managing the sustainability of our work in all the fields in which we operate.

    • Neriman Onurlay Corporate Support Specialist
    • A.Fatih Deveci Head Of Technical Support
    • M.Fatih Kubilay Sales Executive
    • Selim Demirer Head of Sales Department
    • Sevket Karakaya Technical Support Specialist
    • Reşat Kavcı Technical Support Specialist
    • Melis Çamlıoğlu Sales and Marketing Representative
    • Merve Ekinci Internal Sales Specialist
    • Pelin Durmuş Sales Representative
    • Fatih Hilmi Özkan Field Engineer
    • Hasan Erdoğan Field Engineer
    • Mert Akyıldız Field Engineer
  • Administrative Team

    Our administrative team is the cornerstone of TekhneCampus, handling our affairs inside and outside the office and making us feel like we’re living even as we’re working.

    • Cihan Çalışkan Head of Procurement and Logistics
    • Süleyman Çalışkan Procurement and Logistics Assistant
    • Ömer Bal Procurement and Logistics Assistant
    • Uğur Erpolat Correspondence Officer
    • Enes Kayabaşı Administrative Affairs Executive
    • Mete Yıldız Receptionist
    • Meral Arslan Floor Manager
    • Fikriye Gülay Specialist
    • Nihat Demir Specialist
    • Ayhan Engincan Security Officer
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