• Toward the World of the Future

    Tekhnelogos uses its expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics to produce cutting-edge technological products in the fields of engineering, health, and e-commerce.

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    Web Tasarımı, Özel Web Yazılımı Geliştirme, Windows ve MacOs masaüstü yazılımı geliştirme, iOS ve Android mobil yazılım geliştirme, UX ve UI tasarımı geliştirme şeklinde sunulmaktadır.

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The future is fast approaching. We are ready. Are you?

Tomorrow’s just around the corner. Here at the Tekhnelogos family, we’re ready for it. With our software and expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, we produce technology for the future in fields from engineering and e-commerce to health and logistics. We’re also actively bringing that technology and the skills to use it to the people who stand to put it to best use, preparing our children for the world of tomorrow and undertaking major initiatives to ensure that their future will be a bright one.

  • TekhneLogos

    Tekhnelogos isn’t just a company. While our products and our future-oriented R&D activities are crucial parts of our mission, we are also a school, a forward-thinking community dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of our members, breaking new ground in the fields of technology and entrepreneurialism, and paving a way forward for society.

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  • Tekhnelabs

    TekhneLabs is our R&D headquarters and the heart of Tekhnelogos. At this giant research laboratory, our team of more than fifty engineers puts the latest advances in software, Internet of Things, robotics, mechanics, electronics, artificial intelligence, and scientific research to use in developing brand-new products and exciting technologies in the fields of engineering, medicine, e-commerce, logistics, building information modeling, and urban planning.

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  • Community

    We believe that a bright vision and a common mindset are both integral to preparing for the future. To this end, we carry out numerous projects—running the gamut from speaking events and internships to investment and incubation programs—designed to support the technology and entrepreneur ecosystem while also helping to bring people together to cooperate in building a shared future.

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  • Heritage Work

    Over the millennia, humanity has produced countless treasures that nurture its forward progress. The region around Turkey, where Tekhnelogos is based, has contributed much to this common heritage, and we are committed to preserving it for the future through our heritage projects, inspiring the young minds of today to become the great minds of tomorrow.

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Yazılım Geliştirme Hizmetlerimiz

Tekhnelogos; şirketinizin yazılım ihtiyacı duyduğu alanda gereksinimlerini titizlikle analiz ederek süreçleri optimize ederek, hedeflenen deneyimi ürüne dönüştürür. Tekhnelogos’da yazılım bir proje değil bir üründür. Bu bakış açısıyla sonuca, somut ve insana odaklanmış net çıktılar halinde ulaşıyoruz. Tekhnelogos yazılım ürünü geliştirme hizmetleri, Web Tasarımı, Özel Web Yazılımı Geliştirme, Windows ve MacOs masaüstü yazılımı geliştirme, iOs ve Android mobil yazılım geliştirme, UX ve UI tasarımı geliştirme şeklinde sunulmaktadır. Ürün geliştirme deneyimizi özellikle E-Ticaret siteleri, e-ticaret iş yönetimi, nopCommerce desteği gibi alanlarda etkin şekilde kullanabiliyoruz.

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Internet of Things: A World of Interconnected Machines

Since its inception, the internet has become the main highway for the world’s information. People share untold billions of bits of information on the internet every day, for business, for pleasure, and for pretty much everything else. But increasingly, it’s not just people who are doing the sharing, but machines, too. As machines grow smarter and communicate with one another more and more, they will eventually come to use the internet more than people do. Together with our team, we have already begun to explore the codes of this imminent new world of the Internet of Things. What awaits us as all the world’s machines merge?

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Doctors of the Future:

Artificial intelligence has opened countless doors in the field of medicine. And with the speedy advances in this field, we may just end up replacing doctors with computers before we replace truck drivers. At Tekhnelogos, our Medical Projects Team is working day and night to put these extraordinary opportunities to use in developing innovative technologies to protect human health. Our pioneering work at the forefront of this medical revolution includes an agile clinical digital-service model, tele-medicine diagnostic devices, a pandemic management system, and AI-based medical systems that employ big data to diagnose patients and recommend treatment.

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A Logistics Solution from Makhina: Robee

The dynamic and talented engineers at the Makhina Robotics Company, a subsidiary founded by the Tekhnelogos robotics team, is revolutionizing the logistics sector and the e-commerce market with its autonomous robot, Robee.

By automating the process of bringing goods to collection stations, Robee can triple the speed of collection and handling at warehouses, representing a major step forward toward the autonomous warehouses of the future.

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The Stars of the Future: TekhneStars

TekhneStars, our internship program, began its life as one of Tekhnelogos’s community projects. Each year, promising students from across the engineering spectrum take part in a 90-day product-development camp. There, they work closely with our team of mentors to develop a versatile software or robotics product, gaining hands-on experience in the various stages of the project-development process.

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Join Our Team

Our door is always open to engineers who want to contribute to science and technology. If you’re an expert in your field and believe you would make a valuable addition to our team, please contact us. We’re also always on the lookout for young talent, so if you’re a new graduate who contributed to at least one successful project during your university years, and if you have a love for learning and a solid grasp of a foreign language, we’d love to hear from you.

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Talking Tomorrow at TekhneTalks
  • TekhneTalks is a forum devoted to discussing the steps we need to take today to ensure that science, technology, culture, and art occupy the place they ought to in the world of tomorrow.

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