Boost your warehouse with Robee

Boost your warehouse with Robee

The Robee belonging to Tekhnelogos which is produced in TekhneLabs and has a big importance is designed to increase the productivity.

Robee is an Automated Mobile Robot designed for your e-commerce or 3rd party logistics warehouse to be used for picking and sorting automation. Mobile robots, picking stations and the state-of-the-art AI BeeSmart WES will boost your warehouse and increase your throughput and decrease your expenses amazingly with a very reasonable investment which will return in 2-3 years.

CHALLENGE Warehouse is a jungle! E-commerce Logistics is a real challenge.

E-commerce forced the warehouses to deliver goods directly to the customer eliminating the brick-and-mortar retailer. This means a massive storage with millions of SKU should be divided into very small deliveries. And the customer demand for same-day delivery is increasing each day although the logistics are making a bigger mess in most warehouses. In eCommerce fulfillment, there was no efficient automation for picking and sorting. Picking goods from the storage jungle and sorting them to the customer baskets needed enormous human power.

WATCH THE VIDEO Robee. It thinks, it moves.

How will our smart technology boost your warehouse. Robee in action, going to anywhere in your warehouse, lifting the mobile stock units, carrying them to the pick stations. All the traffic is managed by BeeSamrt, our AI supported warehouse execution system. Watch the video and see how the Robee system will help you fulfill customer orders this fast and accurately.

Robee. It thinks, it moves.
How Robee makes picking and sorting great?
  • 1- Orders To Tasks
    1- Orders To Tasks

    Customer orders are handled just in time. As soon as it is received by BeeSmart, our Warehouse Execution System (WES) through your current WMS or ERP, the order is assigned to a pick station in a group of optimised order stack. For each item in the order, a picking task is assigned to a Robee. All these assignments are made in an optimum scale by the help of the AI in the heart of BeeSmart. Just after a few minutes your customer pushed the order button, robee’s are on the way to fulfill the order.

  • 2- Robee On The Way
    2- Robee On The Way

    Robee can move to any defined place in the warehouse following the floor barcodes. So by locating itself under, Robee can precisely engage the Pod (Mobile Stocking Unit) on which the good is shelved. Robee can lift the Pod (up to 500 kg) to bring the pick station. All the traffic of mobile robots is organized by the BeeSmart WES, and with the help of robot sensors, no collision will be possible on the way.

  • 3- Pick Station Is the New Warehouse

    No picking trolleys. We have a picking station now! Pickers don’t go to the goods but goods come to the pickers. so all the inventory is accessible in this small pick station. The pods are queued by the robots in front of the pick station, so when the picker needs the item, it will be already near there available. The laser beam will shoot the box of the needed item, and once the picker will pick the item, he/she will sort it to the related customer basket directly after the barcode scan. All actions are guided by the information on the screens, audio commands and laser beams. The item is safe in the customer basket so Robee can take back the pod to the storage area in peace now.

  • 3- Pick Station Is the New Warehouse
BeeSmart Smart Warehouse Execution System
WES not only for your present …

BeeSmart is a smart Warehouse Execution System designed for an accurate, safe fulfillment execution and optimization of a warehouse. Integrated with current WMSs (Warehouse Management System), BeeSmart takes the orders, turns them into picking tasks for the robots and shares the process information in all related parties of the warehouse. Live tracking of robots’ positions, pickings, and sortings are done through barcodes read. With its powerful AI, it optimizes the process and makes the best task sharing to fulfill the orders.

WES not only for your present …
…but also for your future.
…but also for your future.

The most important feature of the BeeSmart is its simulation capacity. We have a digital twin of your warehouse. Before making real changes in your warehouse, modify your digital twin and see what will happen exactly. You can easily simulate any typical or specific day of your warehouse with real orders virtually in the WES by applying extra warehouse modifications to the plan. Do you plan to set up more picking stations and hire some more human workers? Do you plan to add some extra pods? Do you plan to purchase some extra Robees? Do you plan to add extra space to your warehouse? Do you plan to change the traffic directions or plan to start an extra shift in the warehouse? Do you plan to add a new product category or drop one? How will your process be affected by this change? Just simulate it in BeeSmart and see all performance metrics and ROI results.

Replenishment wouldn’t be easier

The Robee mobile robots and the BeeSmart WES software are designed not only for picking goods but also for the replenishment of the inventory. Once the arriving goods are received by the warehouse system and unpacked to trolleys, any pick station or any area dedicated to replenishment can serve an easy process for filling the pods. The system will assign robots the tasks to bring the suitable pods to the replenishment area, and after scanning both the product and location barcode, the item will be shelved in the pod. When there is no more space in the pod, the operator can easily send the pod and continue filling the next pod in the queue.

Replenishment wouldn’t be easier
Auto-charge management saves the time
Auto-charge management saves the time

The Robee mobile robots use Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion batteries optionally. The battery charge management is handled by WES. For a full time running warehouse, smart battery management is important for saving time. WES checks the battery levels of each mobile robot with the task load waiting and decides for the best time for an auto-charge break. No manual intervention is needed to charge the robots, all jobs are handled automatically.

Yes, Robee can use your lifts. BeeSmart can manage multi-floor inventory.

In some cases, a warehouse can extend its storage capacity using the vertical space. In most cases, e-commerce warehouses use the vertical space as multi floors to provide accessible storage. These multi floors are arranged to store products of different categories which will rarely match the same customer order. However, mostly these different products should be collected in the same basket, so multi floors should run as an integrated storage. Robee and the WES software BeeSmart can easily manage these multi floors when needed, and can collect products from different floors to the same pick station. You can even organize pick stations distributed to multi floors and BeeSmart will select the best station for the order to be assigned to.

Yes, Robee can use your lifts. BeeSmart can manage multi-floor inventory.
Scalable and flexible. Use your existing infrastructure.

Robee specially designed makes do with easy-adjustable pods (stocking units) for all your SKU’s. Robee is plug’n play. Easy to manage and install the system. Installation is made in parallel to your ongoing process, you need not be stopped. And you can easily rescale when needed. When you want to enlarge it, no hefty construction work is necessary. Just add new pods and or robots and continue. You may even need a temporary boost, just add new robots and turn peak seasons into opportunities rather than nightmares. Robee can also integrate with the lifts and work through the floors. So you can enlarge your warehouse not only horizontally but also vertically.

Flexible Mobile Stocking Units For your Needs

In a Robee powered warehouse, the items are stored in Mobile Stock Units (MSU). We call them pods. A pod is not higher than 210 cm so that a person can easily pick an item. With a section size 90x90 cm and 25 cm floor clearance, it can be easily lifted and moved by mobile robots. Pods can store even very heavy items because Robee can lift up to 500 kg. A pod can be designed in any shelf structure according to warehouse needs. Each structure type is provided to BeeSmart, so when making replenishment the software can select the best pods according to the dimensions of the received goods. You can even carry standard Euro pallets (up to 500 kg) with Robee using our adapter pod.

Flexible Mobile Stocking Units For your Needs
What makes Robee and BeeSmart the best for your warehouse.
  • Accuracy

    Customers are frustrated when they see missing or wrong products in their deliveries. Not only frustrated customers but problem-solving costs are an additional problem for warehouses when picking and sorting is open to human errors. Robee and BeeSmart are designed to make zero errors in fulfillment.

  • Accuracy
  • High Throughput

    How many items can your warehouse team pick and sort in one hour? What is your strategy when you need to fulfill more and more orders? With Robee mobile robots you can pick and sort 3 times more in the same shift. You can even run the same robots in other shifts. So Robee will always mean high throughput for your warehouse.

  • High Throughput
  • Flexible, fast onboard.

    Mobile robots for your warehouse have got the proven shortest onboard time. No hefty construction work, pods are easy to apply, easy to adjust the items. We are always with you with our full team and make the implementation as fast as possible thanks to our flexible system.

  • Flexible, fast onboard.
  • Scalable

    You can easily rescale your warehouse when needed. Just add new pods and or robots and continue. You may even need a temporary boost, just add new robots and turn peak seasons into opportunities rather than nightmares. Robee can also integrate with the lifts and work through the floors. So you can enlarge your warehouse not only horizontally but also vertically.

  • Labor Saving & Fast ROI

    Each mobile robot can pick as much as 3 workers can pick. For 10 mobile robots a pick station is enough in most cases, so with just 1 man and 10 mobile robots, you can match 30 workers’ worth of labor. If you run additional shifts, this comparison in pick number and efficiency will be multiplied. So with Robee powered warehouse you will always need and manage less and less human labor, you will get your return of investment in 2-3 years.

  • Smart Warehouse

    When you manage your warehouse with human power, it will be very difficult to track the process. But mobile robots will be very cooperative to share their process data for the WES to make the smartest optimization for your warehouse. Data is the new power, you can track all your processes and correct problems in your warehouse easily. Not only managing your present but with our system you can also manage your future.

  • Parameters
  • Dimensions
    860 x 605 x 410
  • Weight
  • Payload
  • Speed
    2(max) / 1.5 (Operation)
  • Acceleration
  • Rack Dimensions
    935 x 935 x 2070
  • Battery Chemistry
    Lead Acid(default) Li-ion(Optional)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Capacity
  • Wireless Communication
    802.11 b/n/g
  • Obstacle Detection
    8 x IR Sensors
  • Position Tolerance
  • Wheel Material
    Polymer Coated
  • Motor Type
    Brushless DC
  • Gear Type
    Worm Gear
  • Working Temp
    5 - 40
  • Working Humidity
    30% - 90%, Non - condensing