Making a Big Difference through Micro-Support

There are a lot of passionate people out there with big ideas in the fields of technology, enterprise, science, art, education, culture, and social assistance who are working hard to make their ideas a reality in spite of the limited resources at their disposal. We believe that supporting people like this is one of the best ways to promote social and scientific advancement at the local level. We are proud to see just how big a difference we have been able to make through our micro-support work, one of the pillars of Tekhnelogos’s community programs.

Making a Big Difference through Micro-Support
  • Tekhnelogos’s Doors Are Open to All

    The Micro-Support Program is not limited only to technology. We offer support to any sort of voluntary group committed to making a lasting and sustainable impact that benefits the community. Our priority in this area is high-school and university student clubs—young people who have come together to do something for their community even amid the pressures of their hectic educational lives. While we give priority to passionate young people who have realized the importance of contributing to humanity at an early age, we also offer our micro-support to other non-profit and voluntary groups that satisfy our support conditions.

  • We Believe in the Youth

    We Believe in the Youth

    Non-profit voluntary activities contribute to the future in myriad ways. Voluntary associations allow young people to acquire real-world knowledge in areas such as technology, science, and art, and they provide an environment that improves their social skills and community awareness. Aspiring young engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists are doing amazing things in in their volunteer work, and sometimes even just a little support can be enough to ensure that these achievements have a lasting impact.

  • We Support Sustainability

    We Support Sustainability

    At Tekhnelogos, we are committed to supporting the work of voluntary organizations of all kinds, especially work in the field of technology and innovative studies in the fields of science, culture, art, education, and social assistance. One of the key things we look for when deciding whether to support a project is whether the project is sustainable and promises to make a lasting contribution. We wholeheartedly support every project we take on.

    Depending on the needs of the project, this support can take the form of covering costs for a publication, providing a scholarship, holding a competition and paying for prizes, providing short- and long-term research grants, and covering travel and accommodation costs for project teams going abroad.

  • Conditions for Application to the Micro-Support Program

    Conditions for Application to the Micro-Support Program

    1) The activity for which support is sought must be not for profit. Members of the team that will carry out the proposed activity must engage in that activity voluntarily, without financial interest in or official obligation relating to its outcome.
    2) The activity should benefit society and humanity in one or more of the following areas: technology, science, culture, literature, art, history, social science, and education.
    3) Applications for support for interdisciplinary activities receive priority.
    4) Applications for support for activities which are international in scope receive priority.
    5) Applications for support for activities relating to the field of artificial intelligence receive priority.
    6) The activity for which support is sought should aim to produce a concrete and permanent outcome that will benefit the community, such as a technological product, work of art, publication, film, building, or laboratory.
    7) Applications should include a realistic project plan with clearly defined work packages for achieving the targeted outcome.
    8) Applications should include a realistic project budget. Applicants should make clear how they will obtain the remainder of the budget not covered by Tekhnelogos’s micro-support.
    9) Applicants must be or have the written approval of an official or semi-official legal entity or institution, with priority given to technology teams at high schools and universities.
    10) The operations and expenditures of the proposed project should be transparent.
    11) Approved projects that avail themselves of Tekhnelogos micro-support must declare Tekhnelogos as a sponsor in all publications, publicity materials, and other channels.
    12) Projects for which support is sought should be based on universal human values.

  • For detailed information and support requests: