Revolutionizing the Natural Gas Sector

Revolutionizing the Natural Gas Sector

Our Digital Project-Approval System (DIPOS) revolutionizes the project-approval process for natural gas systems, cutting the wait time from up to 20 days down to under 24 hours. Used throughout Turkey, DIPOS allows natural-gas systems projects designed in the ZetaCAD environment to be brought together with all their necessary documentation, approved, and e-signed. DIPOS ensures a seamless flow in information between everyone involved in the project, from the gas-distribution company to the project engineering office and the gas subscriber. After project approval, DIPOS can also manage and monitor the system and the opening of gas valves via its mobile application.

  • Don’t Waste Time

    The project-approval process with DIPOS is just one day, not 20. A single engineer can check 300 projects a day thanks to DIPOS.

  • Error-Free Confirmation

    Ensure your files are error-free! No more projects with technical errors due to missing document checks, thanks to ZetaCAD support.

  • E-Signature Assistance

    All approvals are done by e-signature—no need to print your projects or project documents. DIPOS has saved more than 25 thousand trees to date.

  • Stay Online

    DIPOS offers you instant access to all the information about a project and allows project approval and system checks to be done completely online.

  • DIPOS: 360 Degrees of Service

    DIPOS: 360 Degrees of Service

    Once a natural-gas project is designed in the ZetaCAD environment, DIPOS manages all of its operations online, right up through system activation. The project and all its documentation are sent to DIPOS as an e-signed digital file. The file is checked, managed, and approved through integration with the subscriber-management system of the gas-distribution company. After approval, DIPOS manages the gas-activation process, including scheduling an appointment and performing an installation check. DIPOS automatically performs this entire process with intelligent algorithms and minimal human intervention, all in a single day.

    All these advantages provided by DIPOS have become the standard of the Turkish natural gas sector. The platform is used by 95 gas-distribution companies in Turkey and eight thousand engineering companies. More than seven million project files have been approved on the system since its establishment.

  • We’re in the Field with DIPOS Mobile

    We’re in the Field with DIPOS Mobile

    DIPOS Mobile is a mobile field application developed to carry out the necessary checks before a subscriber’s gas line can be activated after project approval. Once the online appointment is scheduled by the installation company through DIPOS, the inspector who comes to the site does not have to carry any printed documents or files. He or she and can access and check all of the technical information and drawings of the system through the DIPOS Mobile app, then approve and activate the gas line through the app as well.

Online Natural Gas Insurance with DIPOS

Natural gas systems have to be insured against various risks. These insurance policies protect subscribers and have to be included as part of the required documentation for a natural gas system. With a 360-degree understanding of service, DIPOS moves the insurance and documentation process online through integration with insurance companies. It allows insurers to automatically create policies according to a particular system’s specifications and then add the digital policy documents to the file, thus simplifying the complex process of producing a policy for a specific natural gas system.

Online Natural Gas Insurance with DIPOS