Bringing Value Added to Every Field

As a technology and R&D firm, we pair our skill and experience in product development with a deeply rooted financial and cultural vision. Our group companies are active in a diverse array of fields, and our parent company, Tekhnelogos, draws on their range of experience to enrich the products it develops. Our group companies, with their various partnership and accounting structures, offer diversified investment opportunities to investment funds. The main aims of our group companies include providing financial support and field knowledge and experience for our R&D work, engaging in human-centered investments in priority fields like clean energy, supporting important cultural activities that would not be possible without outside funding, and creating viable spin-offs for employee shareholders and investor partnerships.

  • Bringing together Insurance and Technology

    Uc Elma, our insurance firm, uses our technological infrastructure to streamline the process of preparing insurance policies in Turkey. A leader in its field, Uc Elma has since 2008 made it possible to entirely automate the preparation of insurance policies and for the whole process to be carried out online and in integration with the work-flow systems in Tekhnelogos’s project-approval system. Uc Elma currently offers policies in a wide range of fields, from health to car insurance.

  • Pushing the Boundaries in Solar Energy

    Thanks to their investments in solar energy and their support for the production and use of clean energy, our group companies BetaGes, AlfaGes, and UranusGes have power plants with a capacity of over five megawatts. By focusing on solar and wind power, our group companies in the energy sector are contributing to the fight against global warming by promoting the use of clean energy in place of fossil fuels. In Turkey specifically, we are focused on using our investments in clean energy and our experience in the sector to help develop the technological infrastructure needed to transition the country to a greener future. Through the tireless work of our energy companies and with the help of our partners, we soon hope to reach an output capacity of 25 megawatts.

  • Our First Spin-Off Company: Makhina Robots

    At Tekhnelogos, we sometimes market our R&D products through independent spin-off companies. Doing so gives the employees whose work went into creating a product a stake in the company that’s going to market it. By separating the product from Tekhnelogos, it also creates new opportunities for investment and partnership. In this context, our first spin-off company, Makhina Robotics, has now begun independent operations. The company specializes in Industry 4.0 robotics and programming solutions, especially the field of e-commerce logistics. It is going to manage the marketing, sales, installation, client-specific tailoring, integration, and maintenance services for Robee and BeeSmart, both products developed in our TekhneLabs R&D center. Looking forward, Makhina Robotics will be employing its own core R&D team to develop new additions to its product line. Focusing on markets in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe, the company has been building up its international presence with marketing work based in Europe; and from 2022, it will begin carrying out a portion of its R&D work there as well.

  • A Treasure Trove of Experience:

    E-commerce is one of our most important fields of operation, and we’ve developed a range of products devoted to it, ranging from logistics robots to recommendation engines. One of the things that has made it possible for us to achieve such speedy and effective results in our product-development work in this field has been our own e-commerce experience with, a leading online book retailer, which we established under Libronet, one of our group companies. Our hands-on experience setting up’s logistical and e-commerce infrastructure taught us valuable lessons that we benefitted from greatly in our work developing products like Robee and BeeSmart. We carry those same lessons forward in our work with our England-based company Grand Bazaar Orient, which offers e-commerce services in a number of marketplaces in the UK. They also lie behind a good many of our other products, including BiVendor, MindWeb, and our E-commerce Mobile App.

  • Babil Kitap Is Making Great Strides in the Publishing World

    With our publishing activities at Babil Kitap, we aim to make important contributions to Turkey’s cultural sphere. Beginning under the label of Papersense, our publishing work has expanded to include major titles in the fields of science, philosophy, history, literature, and children’s books. Its current collection of 15 titles will expand to 50 by the end of 2021. Of particular note are a number of international titles that have received a great deal of acclaim abroad; we are currently translating these into Turkish, and by doing so we hope to make a substantial contribution that will enrich the country’s cultural sphere. At the same time, we are continuing to publish works by local authors who are leading voices in their fields.

  • Turkey’s E-book Story: Written with Calibro

    Calibro—an e-reader with an international hardware patent and local, Turkish-language software—has played a big part in Turkey’s e-book adventure. Produced under the umbrella of Libronet, one of our group companies, Calibro devices use electronic ink, which is as easy on the eyes as actual paper, to deliver readers the experience of reading a real, physical book. And the Calibro online e-book store has become an important center of the Turkish e-book marketplace. At Tekhnelogos, we believe that e-book technology promises to bring books to more readers and to do so in a way that is easier and more equitable for everyone, and we are therefore committed to increasing our R&D work in the field in the near future. Our publishing brands Papersense and Babil Kitap are also committed to enriching the amount of electronic content they make available. We are proud to be the first in Turkey to romanize and convert into an electronic form the entire corpus of the acclaimed author Huseyin Rahmi Gurpinar.

  • The Jazari Museum Continues to Inspire

    The Istanbul Jazari Museum is one of our group companies and also one of our most important heritage projects. Produced with the support of Tekhnelogos, its exhibition collection of Jazari’s machines and other pieces from mechanical history is continually being added to by the museum, which is also engaged in the process of producing print, digital, and online content about Jazari and mechanical history as part of a series of planned international exhibitions that aim to inspire people across the globe. We also support the efforts of a number of publishers producing work on Jazari, as well as documentary and film productions on the important historical figure. Additionally, we’re engaged in finding a permanent location for the Istanbul Jazari Museum so that visitors can continue to visit and experience the collection at their leisure.

  • An Alternative Application in the Natural Gas Approval Process: WebCAD

    At Tekhnelogos, we’re always following new technological developments and on the lookout for innovative perspectives. We bring this commitment to everything we do, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our ongoing development work on our WebCAD Project Approval System, a web-based application that has been assisting engineers in drawing up designs for natural gas systems since 2017. As part of our effort to remain a technological pioneer and to come up with new ideas to increase customer satisfaction, we work to develop products that can be used in different infrastructural and architectural environments and put them to the test side by side with our users in the field. That’s what we’ve done with WebCAD in Istanbul, and we hope soon to bring the app into use in other cities as well. By taking WebCAD’s success in Istanbul and combining it with the successful nationwide infrastructure of our ZetaCAD and DIPOS products, we are going to elevate our customer satisfaction to a whole new level.