You Design It, Let ChimneyMaster Calculate it

ChimneyMaster is an easy-to-use chimney calculator program where you can quickly, safely, and reliably design a flue system for one or more boilers in accordance with EN-13384 standards. The calculations involved in designing such systems are too complex to be calculated by manual methods, and the potential risks involved in a case of human error are too great. ChimneyMaster is thus a vital tool for flue and chimney companies, reducing the risk of fatal hazards by ensuring the thermodynamic and fluid-dynamics conditions necessary for the safe release of waste gas. ChimneyMaster is ahead of its competitors in this field with its innovative structure and user-friendly interface.

  • Chimney Calculation Is Now Easier

    ChimneyMaster’s innovative interface is designed to enable users to be able to design chimneys quickly and easily. Calculations are carried out in accordance with EN-13384 standards. After you enter the values in the forms for each part of the system, the software offers you a choice of devices to connect to the chimney, continuing with the fittings, chimney shaft, and finally the chimney mouth equipment. After entering all the information required by EN-13384 and the necessary measurements, ChimneyMaster carries out the calculations and shows the result and level of accuracy, all with the push of a single button.

  • E-Signature Integration

    ChimneyMaster provides a flue calculations report created with standard and accurate data in PDF format, while also guaranteeing data security with its own e-signature. Thanks to this feature, which is not available on other programs, all reports that are created in ChimneyMaster become unalterable. For all calculations made within the flue program, ChimneyMaster facilitates the verification of both the data used and the calculations report, and it also secures the report so that it can be sent to the appropriate authorities for approval. ChimneyMaster’s hallmark integrated e-signature application, to date the only one of its kind in a chimney program, allows chimney systems to be registered, thereby allowing for the creation of a reliable record for past projects that can be examined retrospectively. Thanks to the program, you can see who designed a particular system, who installed it, and even who checked and approved it. All this data is e-signed and securely archived in a chimney-management portal that will be made available soon

Everything You Need

In order to calculate the chimney, technical data on the boiler and the chimney are necessary. ChimneyMaster includes thousands of data and boiler options, including blow-burner boilers, condensing boilers, and gas-fuel and pellet-fuel boilers. It is also able to list, along with requisite data, the various types of chimneys produced with materials and diameters suitable for specific boilers. Furthermore, manual additions can be made to these boiler and chimney types. All added chimney products are stored in personal databases and can be used in chimney design from any location and at any time.