We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint!

The term "Carbon Footprint" is often used to indicate the amount of carbon an activity or organization emits. If there is not enough biocapacity to store such emissions harmful to our atmosphere, carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels accumulate in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, climate problems threaten our planet since our planet has no biological capacity to neutralize the carbon dioxide that has accumulated.

Both countries and individuals owe it to our planet to reduce their carbon footprint. As Tekhnelogos, we provide all-round support to reduce the carbon footprint. We strive to achieve minimum emission rates with our digital solutions by lowering the carbon footprint generated by vehicle fuels on the one hand, and rapidly switching from solid fuels to gas fuels on the other.

Feeling righteously proud of protecting our planet, which is entrusted to us by our children, and deservedly achieving this mission will serve as an example of this.

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint!


Contribute to reducing both carbon emissions and fuel consumption by reducing vehicle traffic.

  • Carbon emissions prevented by reducing fuel use
    15.964.188 Kg
  • The contribution provided to the companies by reducing the fuel consumption
    8.436.494 $


Contribute to decreasing the heating costs while reducing carbon emissions by decreasing gas opening times.

  • Prevented carbon release by shortening the gas opening times
    621.145.783 Kg
  • The contribution provided to subscribers by shortening the gas opening times
    44.824.830,73 $


Make an economic contribution to the Project companies by shortening the project writing and approval processes.

  • Manpower/month cost of the project drawing and approval process
  • Provided advantage in manpower/month
  • The contribution to the project companies with labor savings
    48.889.587 $


It makes an economic contribution to Project Companies by eliminating paper printing.

  • How much CO2 the trees we saved absorb
    95.702.796 Kg
  • The contribution provided to the project companies by saving paper
    4.381.790 $
  • We saved 45.572 trees.
    Each tree we save produces the oxygen consumed by 3 people per day.
<b>We saved 45.572 trees.</b>
We are committed to reduce the greenhouse effect!

Our planet absorbs only as much sunlight as it needs, and the excess is returned to the space. The thermal balance that has been maintained from the beginning of our planet is maintained as long as these returned rays do not encounter significant resistance in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the excess carbon dioxide produced by humans clings to the atmosphere, causing the reflected rays to be trapped in the atmosphere for a while. This factor, called the greenhouse effect, will cause issues such as global climate change and glacier melting.

People, institutions and governments should do everything they can to help our world.

The solutions produced by Tekhnelogos with the awareness of our responsibility to protect our planet from the greenhouse effect have kept hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in 18 years. With our ZetaCAD and Dipos products, we ensure less vehicle traffic and less coal use. With our Dipos Mobile product, we save tens of thousands of trees from cutting under a zero paper policy. We contribute to planting thousands of trees with our “A Forest for Every Province” project.

We are committed to reduce the greenhouse effect!