Improving Our Health through Agile Clinics

Improving Our Health through Agile Clinics

Healthcare services are adapting to the growing role of AI technologies in telemedicine and health. In the agile-clinic model, healthcare services are combined with smaller physical clinics that use telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies to project the doctor–patient relationship beyond the physical boundaries of the clinic. GalenClinic connects patients and healthcare centers via its mobile app, allowing doctors to monitor patients’ illnesses, analyze their health data, and schedule an appointment at a physical clinic if necessary. With GalenClinic, the entire healthcare process—from the physical examination, imaging, and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up—is overseen by both real doctors and AI algorithms, with the goal of a speedy recovery for the patient.

  • The Doctor at Your Side

    The Doctor at Your Side

    Scheduling a physical appointment at a healthcare provider often has to be done weeks in advance, and even then there may be long wait times and heavy traffic on the day of the appointment. GalenClinic solves these problems by making it possible to carry out counseling and other healthcare services online through its mobile app. And in cases where a visit to the clinic is deemed necessary, the patient is able to go directly to his or her appointment without waiting in line or having to go to the front desk for payment and insurance approval. Though the actual diagnosis and treatment is performed by doctors, GalenClinic remains at the patient’s side, providing helpful information throughout a patient’s recovery and notifying and warning the doctor if needed.

  • Everyone Has a Private Clinic!

    Everyone Has a Private Clinic!

    GalenClinic keeps track of all the necessary patient records, thus ensuring an optimal diagnosis and treatment process and allowing doctors to monitor a patient’s treatment through to its conclusion. Because the diagnosis and treatment process is initialized via a mobile application, doctors can arrange their schedules accordingly before meeting with a patient in cases requiring a physical examination, thus eliminating long wait times and the stress from unnecessarily drawn-out procedures.