A Motive Force in History: Trade

Some argue that to understand human history, one must first understand the history of trade. For trade is not only a part of economics; it is also a main factor in human relations, exploration, colonialism, and war. Just as some of the greatest civilizations in history have endured for centuries because of their dominance of trade routes, many collapsed because they lost this dominance. Since time immemorial, trade has been indispensable to human civilization. But for most of that time, it has been confined largely to street markets, bazaars, and ports. Today, that is changing. We are on the verge of a new era of commerce, one in which, thanks to smartphones and computers, we can visit a store thousands of miles away and buy anything we want, from a phone case to an antique clock, all in just a few minutes. This is the new world of e-commerce.

  • A New Mode of Trade, a New World

    E-commerce involves the purchase and sale of goods and services over the internet. This system alters not only the exchange of goods and services, the most basic activity of daily life, but also the entire ecosystem surrounding exchange, from money and finance to logistics, and from marketing to production. Our high-tech products support the e-commerce ecosystem by reducing cost, increasing quality, and improving speed.

  • An Extraordinary Experience: Babil.com

    Babil.com, a brand of Libronet, a Tekhnelogos group company, has been providing quality service to book lovers since 2014 as an online bookstore. Babil.com has given us a wealth of experience with all aspects of the e-commerce ecosystem and a broad perspective on its needs. We have discovered many areas open to development in terms of marketing and smart logistics products, and we have integrated the extensive field experience we’ve gained thanks to Babil.com into our technological activities.

  • Time-Defying Logistics

    E-commerce logistics are completely different from conventional logistics methods. An e-commerce warehouse can accommodate millions of types of products, any one of which may have to be delivered at a moment’s notice. The potential difference between the number of product types in the warehouse and the average number of products in a single order represents the tension at the heart of the e-commerce store. Compounding this tension, warehouses are coming under increasing pressure due to customer demand for same-day delivery. To help companies navigate these tensions and cater to these demands, we at Tekhnelogos are producing technologies using artificial intelligence and robotics that revolutionize the warehouse floor.

  • The AI Revolution in E-commerce

    Because artificial intelligence is at the heart of our product-development strategy, and because we believe the logistics crisis brought on by the rapid growth in e-commerce can only be solved through AI and robotics, we make sure that all our e-commerce products take full advantage of the benefits AI offers. We are also developing AI-supported logistics robots and marketing tools as well.

  • New Horizons in a Socializing World

    Online social environments shape the character of the internet. Over time, these environments are projected to become ever more integrated with e-commerce and other internet-based activities. And this won’t be limited just to advertising opportunities or to users commenting on products and services—online social environments will offer direct shopping opportunities. We are working tirelessly to increase these opportunities and to provide alternative paths for expansion in the e-commerce world.

  • Financial Technology and Cryptocurrency

    One of the most important changes awaiting e-commerce in the near future will lie in integration with cryptocurrencies and other innovative financial systems. This process promises to give e-commerce the leading role in the new financial order. To prepare for this, we are working on solutions for integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies into e-commerce, and we are developing methods, such as bringing logistical capabilities and payment features to wallet systems, to make sure that the e-commerce infrastructure is prepared for the changes that await it.

  • Emre Odabasi Product Manager

    Today, it is unthinkable for a company not to use digital space to increase its sales and profitability. From independent, self-employed small businesses to giant companies, everyone has the opportunity to sell their goods and services online at a large scale. In the near future, as online commerce grows even more, it will be very difficult for a business to be sustainable without relying on ever-evolving and up-to-date software and hardware solutions. To help companies prepare themselves and to create alternatives within the e-commerce ecosystem, we offer high-value-added solutions in areas ranging from big data to robotics.

Our E-Commerce Products

Integrator software where suppliers can perform product sales, order tracking, and inventory management in all market locations from a single screen.

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  • Robee

    A warehouse-automation robot that enables fast, accurate, secure, and economical packaging of orders in e-commerce warehouses. click.

  • BeeSmart

    A top smart-warehouse application that manages collection and handling operations and Robee robots in e-commerce warehouses. click.

E-Commerce R&D Projects
  • MindWeb Recommendation Engine

    AI-supported software that recommends products to customers on e-commerce sites based on their interests.

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  • E-Commerce Infrastructure

    A software infrastructure that enables retailers to sell their products at market locations as well as on their own e-commerce sites.

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