Believing in a Common

Believing in a Common <br/> Mindset

Believing in a Common Mindset

Technology, science, culture, art, and education are the most important components of prosperity in a society. We cherish human prosperity, the availability of technology and the possibilities it affords, the riches science, culture, and art impart to our lives, and the economic and educational systems that make all this possible. We view Tekhnelogos as a member of the technology, enterprise, science, culture, and art communities, and we believe that a common mindset in these communities is crucial to human society. That’s why we carry out valuable community-related projects to contribute to this common mindset.

The Future of the World Is Our Future

Everyone loves their own country and its people, but the future of our children, and of our world, is bigger than any one country. At Tekhnelogos, we are doing everything we can to improve international collaboration in science, technology, culture, and art in order to contribute to a culture of global cooperation in which we all pool our resources and our efforts in service of humanity’s common future. As an important company of the global business ecosystem, we carry out community-related projects within an international framework. We include foreign students in our internship programs and foreign companies in our incubation programs. We collaborate and partner with universities abroad and share our scientific knowledge at international events.

We Have a Dream

We dream of a world where every person and institution with the determination to contribute in the fields of technology and science has equal opportunities. That, we believe, is the surest path to ensuring that everyone across the globe can prosper equally. Thus, we see our mission as helping, with the aid of science and technology and culture and art, and through the research and development activities of our community members, to make the world more equitable and more livable for all. We embrace the sharing of scientific knowledge and working towards a common mindset to solve the world’s problems.

TekhneTalks: People-Oriented Technology Talks

We dream of a people-oriented technological future, and we believe that a community armed with science, culture, and art is necessary to realizing this dream. To this end, we hold regular TekhneTalks lectures, where we invite respected speakers from our community to address the technological issues of the business ecosystem from the perspective of science, art, and culture. These lectures are open to anyone interested in technology, and they offer a platform where we can all come together to discuss and come to a consensus around the proper place of technology in the future and the kinds of policies—both national and international—we need if we are going to get it there.

You can follow our TekhneTalks page to stay up to date on these events and the topics that are being discussed.

TekhneTalks: People-Oriented Technology Talks
The Rising Stars of the Engineering World: TekhneStars

University engineering departments are full of bright young minds. At Tekhnelogos, we take the very best of these and give them the opportunity to work for 90 days on a real project as part of the TekhneStars internship program. In the program, our interns help design and prototype a product in the fields of software, IoT, artificial intelligence, and electromechanical technology. Our internship program is designed to give young engineers a jump start in their careers by providing them hands-on experience working with our skilled team of mentors on all stages of the R&D and product-development process.

If you think you have what it takes to be a TekhneStar, click here for details on how to apply to our internship program.

The Rising Stars of the Engineering World: TekhneStars
  • Nisanur Turkoglu
    Nisanur Turkoglu Deputy General Manager

    Tekhnelogos isn’t just a technology firm, it’s a development-centered technology campus. At our campus, which is equipped with top-notch physical infrastructure, we strive to realize Tekhnelogos’s innovative vision. We embrace a policy of open communication and collaboration to maximize efficiency and to take full advantage of the skills and contributions of each of our colleagues. And we approach campus life and our business as an IT leader in a holistic way, working to develop both every day through the activities we hold on campus, the educational and internship opportunities we extend to students, and the support we offer for incubation projects, learning and picking up new ideas as we go along that we can then implement to break new ground in our field.

TekhneSpace: Investment-Backed Innovation Center

We originally planned TekhneSpace as an incubation center, but we ultimately opted to fully integrate our TekhneLabs R&D center into its operations and began offering investment and know-how support to projects in exchange for partnership. TekhneSpace is a real space that every project can benefit from. This space provides not only the physical facilities a project needs to get off the ground, but everything else, too: financial support; access to scientific research and laboratories; help with project management, UX design, industrial design, marketing, and product testing; and assistance with patents and other legal support.

TekhneSpace is designed to give you a fully equipped home base for your project. When your project ideas and efforts are combined with Tekhnelogos’s financial strength and R&D and field experience, nothing can stand in your way.

Click here for details.

TekhneSpace: Investment-Backed Innovation Center
  • Quixo: Who’s Smarter?

    Quixo: Who’s Smarter?

    We organize various competitions to support advances in AI and coding. One of these is the QuixoCup tournament, a competition that brings Quixo, an increasingly popular intelligence game, to the AI universe for the first time. Smart kids code AI players, the AI players compete with one another, and the smartest ones win big prizes.

    Click here for more information about the Quixo game and the QuixoCup tournament.

  • Micro-Support for University Projects

    Micro-Support for University Projects

    The creative force behind the future of innovation in technology and enterprise lies in the bright young people at university today. Hundreds of these future pioneers are setting up technology clubs on their own, without direction from anyone, and developing important products and competing in technology tournaments around the world. At Tekhnelogos, we care deeply about student projects and provide micro-support to projects every year to help foster youth innovation and nurture the future leaders of our community.

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