For the Star Engineers of the Future

Everything we do at school contributes to our future business life. And one of the most important things we can do is to get real experience working on real projects. That’s what TekhneStars, our internship program for promising young engineers, is designed to provide. And there’s nowhere better to get hands-on experience in the tech sector than Tekhnelogos, an open-minded, innovative, energetic company—just the sort of environment young engineers need to develop their knowledge and skills.

  • Real Projects, Real Experience

    The most important feature of the TekhneStars Star Engineers Internship Program is that engineer candidates work on real projects where they put their knowledge and skills to the test in different roles. TekhneStars projects are special projects that cover the entire developmental life of a product, from business analysis to product development. Everything is done by the trainee engineers themselves, under the supervision of our mentors. Spanning 90 days, each TekhneStars project aims to develop an innovative technological product prototype, and participants share a variety of positions in fields such as business analysis, system design, UX design, robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence, and software.

  • Building Friendships and Careers

    Our TekhneStars projects give trainees the opportunity to work together with experienced engineers at our TekhneLabs R&D center. This allows engineer candidates to closely obverse the product-development process in long-term R&D projects and to gain self-confidence by seeing the contributions that their knowledge and skills make to these projects. By meeting and collaborating closely with experienced engineers, our interns also gain new friends they can consult and exchange ideas with in their future business lives. Moreover, in our hiring process at Tekhnelogos, we prioritize applications from engineer candidates who took part in our TekhneLabs programs, so upon graduation they won’t have to look far to begin their careers.

  • An Internship Enriched by Education

    Engineers acquire theoretical knowledge in their field at university. In terms of practical knowledge, however, they are often left on their own. The TekhneStars program helps young engineers address any gaps in this regard through a range of certified training options in areas such as project management, patent management, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence methodologies, and basic marketing. The training we provide in these fields helps engineer candidates not only to prepare for business life but also to better appreciate the relationship between the work they do and the broader world.

  • From Star Engineers to Star Entrepreneurs

    The TekhneStars internship program also serves as a starting point for entrepreneurship, equipping engineer candidates with the skills and experience to implement their own product development ideas in their own start-up companies. As for the before and after of project development, consultations and additional training on how to prepare business and marketing plans ensure that TekhneStars interns receive the guidance they need to get off on the right foot. They also have the chance to pitch their business and product ideas to Tekhnelogos and avail themselves of all the perks, support, and investment opportunities that partnership with a major company offers.

  • Eyup Onder R&D Coordinator

    Students in the final semester of their long educational marathon are looking for ways to find a place in the business world, and they may well be apprehensive about taking the first steps toward a career. The job search can at times be long and difficult, especially because many positions, even entry-level ones, require job experience. I believe that internship programs are the first step in preparing for business life, and also that they are an important opportunity for Tekhnelogos to train tomorrow’s researchers. The TekhneStars program, in which we invest in the innovative technologies of the future, is not just an internship, but a career camp—one that will shape trajectories of students’ future careers in the tech sector.

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