More Than a Workplace:

Life is the true source of all creativity, science, technology, culture, and art. For this reason, we structure Tekhnelogos not as a corporate business machine, but as a living organism, and we believe that the quality of our employee’s work life plays a big part in the quality of their work. For us, Tekhnelogos is not just workplace, but a home, with education, culture, entertainment, and the warmth and safety of being together with people we love, all under one roof.

More Than a Workplace: <br/> Tekhnelogos
  • All the Colors of the World in One Place

    We produce technology, but our production environment is a social environment, too, one based on mutual respect and embracing all the colors of the world. This environment is an open-minded and dynamic one that enriches our lives both at work and outside of it through lively engagement with common interests, providing opportunities for empathy and mutual understanding as well as cultural, artistic, literary, and entertainment activities.

  • A Free and Collaborative Company Culture

    A Free and Collaborative Company Culture

    Tekhnelogos is a place of collaboration. Collaborative work brings people together and unites them around a common mindset. Our corporate culture is self-built around a core of vital universal values. The first of these values is freedom. We care that all employees are able to think and express themselves. Another important value is collaboration. Every member of the Tekhnelogos family is part of a common culture where we complement, help, and learn from one another to produce something greater than any one of us could alone. People’s different understandings of the world, lifestyles, beliefs, and ideas don’t divide us, they bring us together as part of a richer whole.

  • A Supranational Team

    A Supranational Team

    At Tekhnelogos, we have a universal business-life model that includes employees from nations and cultures across the globe. Our human resources office provides a lot of support to help foreign employees adapt to life and culture in Turkey, and we do everything we can to make them feel like they’re at home, not just guests. We consider our supranational team, built in parallel with Tekhnelogos’s mission to develop products for the global market, as one of our biggest achievements.

  • A Campus Open 24/7

    A Campus Open 24/7

    At Tekhnelogos, we work, but we also relax and have fun. Our common space is big enough to create a rich social life. We have a charming cafe that brings the beauties of city life to the office. Here we learn how to make the most delicious coffee, what wheat is, and how to cook bread. Sometimes we invite speakers, sometimes we host artistic performances, and sometimes we have our own live concerts. We play games, watch movies, chat, and read books. We work in common areas as well as at our desks. We discuss how to develop software modules over coffee at the cafe as often as we do in the conference room. The Tekhnelogos campus is open to all employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It feels so much like home that some nights, we even sleep here!

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