Faster, Simpler, More Accurate

Faster, Simpler, More Accurate

ZetaCAD is an AI-based BIM software program that allows a user to automatically design, calculate, and test natural gas systems and their architectural layout. This software provides users a powerful project-design environment that ensures error-free projects. In this environment, users can automatically complete all project-related work by positioning architectural plans and the systems they want to incorporate in them under the guidance of AI-supported, intelligent engineering tools. The approval process for ZetaCAD projects, which have a BIM-based file format, is entirely automated, with error checking carried out by machine intelligence according to local specifications for interior natural gas systems.


    With ZetaCAD, designing a project is 10 times faster than with CAD programs.


    Design your projects without errors. Let the ZetaCAD AI check and warn you about any mistakes.


    All calculations and checks are done automatically in accordance with your local specifications.


    Examine your building and natural gas system in 3D. Show it to your client. Make a difference.

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  • Primitive Drawing Objects Are History

    Primitive Drawing Objects Are History

    Drawing in standard CAD programs is done with general-purpose primitive objects such as lines, circles, quadrangles, and curves. ZetaCAD, as a BIM application, instead uses advanced smart objects such as walls, doors, windows, valves, and combination boilers, each clearly defined and tailored to its purpose. In a standard CAD program, the line for a wall and the line for a natural gas line are the same. However, for ZetaCAD, a wall is a wall and a gas line is a gas line; they are distinguished from each other by precise definitions.

  • Certified E-signatures for Your Projects

    Certified E-signatures for Your Projects

    ZetaCAD project files can carry electronic signatures with an electronic certificate compliant with Turkey’s Law No. 5070 on Electronic Signatures, thereby eliminating the need to print documents to sign. ZetaCAD software allows you to e-sign your projects and can verify existing signatures, all using our own globally-compliant algorithms. With ZetaCAD’s e-signature feature, projects can be completed, approved, and signed off on entirely online, without the need for any printing at all..