A Productivity- and Value-Oriented Business Life

Tekhnelogos is an R&D company with a rich staff of employees. Carrying out research and development in novel fields is far more laborious than developing products in established fields. That’s why we use modern business-management methods to organize our large team in a way that is efficient and value-generating. By making our company’s R&D success stories the joint achievements of micro-teams, we ensure that team members progress toward their career goals. Instead of adhering to a rigid hierarchy of people, we prefer a hierarchy of principle, where everyone dedicates themselves to the values of quality work and good time management.

A Productivity- and Value-Oriented Business Life
  • Micro-Teams and Project Management

    At Tekhnelogos, project management is carried out through micro-teams that are delegated their own responsibilities and authority. In this way, all micro-teams act as their own independent companies, with the goal of incorporating after successful R&D. At Tekhnelogos, our technology teams are organized according to skill, and these teams serve on R&D projects with an outsourcing logic. Our software, robotics, AI, and IoT teams manage resources in R&D activities on their own. The field management required by projects is carried out by the business analysis teams. We also employ a wide range of engineers and analysts in the field of business analysis and have teams specializing in project management, business development, business analysis, scientific research, and product management in the fields of engineering, medicine, e-commerce, and BIM.

  • Career and Performance Mentoring

    Career and Performance Mentoring

    We care about the professional and personal development of all our employees, not just in terms of their contribution to our projects, but also in terms of their contribution to society. We encourage and guide our employees to acquire the necessary skills in their field and to bring these skills to bear on their project work. As for our more experienced employees, we view them mentors with a lot to offer everyone at the company, especially for those in the early stages of their professional lives. Tekhnelogos is above all a world of collaboration.

  • Lifelong Education

    Lifelong Education

    The first condition of becoming part of our team is being open to learning and development. For this reason, we encourage all our employees to pursue higher education and professional training in their fields. This isn’t altruism—we know that by investing in our employees, we’re investing in our own R&D. We coordinate with our employees to provide them the flexibility, encouragement, and support they need to enroll in and pursue degree-granting programs at the master’s and doctoral level, whether online or in person, as well as post-doctoral programs and professional-development training. We also help ensure they have the resources to take full advantage of their educational pursuits by procuring access to the digital and physical publications they need in their fields. And at Tekhnelogos, you don’t have to enroll in an outside program to continue to learn—we bring learning to you through mentorship, guest speakers, and in-house teachers, all of which help build up our team’s R&D potential.

  • Incentive and Reward System

    Incentive and Reward System

    As part of our effort to enrich our R&D culture, we make it a policy to incentivize employee development and reward employee contributions to the company’s technological advancement. These incentives and rewards are open to all of our R&D employees and are awarded through a points-based system with six-month review periods. These awards include educational incentives, project sponsorship, support for academic publications and patent procurement, and salary bonuses. Employees earn points throughout the year according to criteria in different categories, up to a total of 1000 points, and the awards and bonuses are presented to employees at the end of the year.

  • Busra Sisman
    Busra Sisman Human Resources Officer

    Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we see that the highest point that a person can reach is self-realization. For us at the human resources office, helping our fellow Tekhnelogos employees to achieving this point and realize their true potential is our greatest motivation in all our work. Accordingly, we adopt fresh strategies and embrace a people-oriented approach to HR management that prioritizes employer branding and employee experience.

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  • Gökhan Çolak
    Gökhan Çolak System Administrator

    Since our establishment, we have taken a value-oriented approach by adhering to specific standards that help us protect information, carrying out analyses to identify critical security risks, and creating guidelines that enable us to minimize these risks. With this approach, and regardless of whether we’re dealing with paper or digital records, we protect and manage the data of our business partners, customers, and company in the most secure way possible.