We’re Talking about the Future

TekhneTalks is a platform where thinkers from diverse fields, including technology and IT, come together to discuss the place of science, technology, culture, and art in the world of the future and our role in bringing that world about. Together with these in-depth lectures, we also offer a website that brings together important information, reviews, comments, and data on relevant topics for the benefit of the community. In line with our enthusiastic commitment to innovation and intellectual advancement, TekhneTalks is a free platform where everyone who is excited about the future can meet.

We’re Talking about the Future
  • Our Focus Is Science

    As members of the technology community, we care very much about the deep relationship between technology and science. Through our TekhneTalks platform, we aim to create opportunities for technology companies to enrich their R&D activities with the latest developments in scholarship and science. We follow the current work of scholars and scientists at universities around the world and provide a forum to make sure that new developments with the potential to contribute to the advancement of the technological ecosystem get the attention they deserve.

  • The Creative Horizons of Culture and Art

    The Creative Horizons of Culture and Art

    Technology is about more than product development; it’s about building a people-oriented future. The products that engineers design don’t spring from nowhere—they are inspired by the creative horizons of culture and art as a natural part of the human experience. Culture and art allow us to perceive a product as a relational network of concepts before we see it as a machine. That is why we embrace an interdisciplinary approach, one that that values culture and art as well as science and technology, and one that is reflected in the speakers we invite to participate in our TekhneTalks platform.

  • The Scope of Awareness and Cooperation

    The Scope of Awareness and Cooperation

    We hold TekhneTalks talks every month at our Tekhnelogos Altunizade campus. Expert speakers are invited to give a talk on a subject in their field of expertise, and this is followed by a discussion with audience members. Through these one-hour lectures, we aim to stimulate debate and raise awareness on different topics and to foster collaboration through the social and intellectual exchange that develops between participants.

  • Rich Intellectual Content: TekhneTalks.com

    Rich Intellectual Content: TekhneTalks.com

    TekhneTalks was designed as not only a lecture series, but also a content platform. On Tekhnetalks.com, everyone can access both the TekhneTalks lectures and all sorts of other material relating to current topics on the minds of our community members and in the headlines, including reviews, articles, interviews, data, news articles, and success stories. The platform is open to everyone, and we hope you’ll join us there to share your comments, opinions, and contributions about how we can go about building a common future.

Tekhnelogos Blog

  • Turgay Bakirtas
    Turgay Bakirtas Editor

    Talking may not solve every problem, but not talking doesn’t solve anything. Even though we live in an age when we have a bewildering variety of tools to help us communicate, we seem to be having ever greater trouble actually talking to one another, an indication that we are regressing in other areas even as we move forward in technology. The history of all thought comes down to speech and discussion, and there’s no more effective way for the sharing, development, and enrichment of thought and knowledge than talking with one and other. That’s why I care so much about TekhneTalks, which the Tekhnelogos family set in motion with a belief in sharing our way to prosperity.

  • Firat Demirel
    Firat Demirel Technology Writer

    I’ve listened to hundreds of speakers at the countless events I’ve attended to date. But TekhneTalks’ culture of open discussion has left an indelible mark in my memory. It can’t be a coincidence that Tekhnelogos, a melting pot of technology and philosophy, also brings together people who are excited in this business. I hope this beautiful atmosphere continues to freshen minds for many years to come.