The Rise of Machines

The Industrial Revolution was the work of a machine. While people had been using machines long before this revolution, it was their hands that had been doing the bulk of the work. That all changed with the invention of the steam engine. Today, we’re in the midst of an equally life-changing revolution: the IT revolution. If machines have been the driving force behind of world progress for the past century or two, just imagine what the future holds as the machines that shape so many aspects of our lives grow smarter and more agile. We are at the dawn of a new era where robots will replace humans in many areas, and even the human body will likely be partially mechanized. At Tekhnelogos, we’re putting all our knowledge and experience to use in preparation for this new era, undertaking important projects in the field of robot production and working to build up a shared understanding of a common future in which robots will be an ever more defining feature of human life.

  • A Very Special Team

    Interdisciplinary work is a vital part of our product development, and our talented robotics team is accordingly diverse, with software, mechanical, and electronic engineers as well as people with a background in mathematics and physics and the sciences. Thanks to this interdisciplinary strength, our young and dynamic robotics team managed to develop its first products incredibly quickly. To further harness the potential that interdisciplinary work brings to robot production, we are hard at work coming up with new ideas to increase the academic and scientific experience of our team.

  • Without Robots There Are No Solutions

    Robots are a necessary condition for operating an efficient business today. But they aren’t sufficient. To compete in the culture of Industry 4.0, businesses themselves need to become something akin to a large robot. To help businesses achieve this transformation, we are designing holistic automation solutions that require as little human intervention as possible and that facilitate information sharing between machines, software, and robots. We combine our robotics skills with mathematical modeling, IoT hardware, AI software, mobile applications, and process optimization.

  • Counting Down the Days till Robee

    Robee, a robot we developed as a logistics solution in parallel with our integrated Industry 4.0 strategy, is designed to work as part of a smart, AI-managed warehouse where information flows between robots, machines, and humans. Robee and our warehouse business software, BeeSmart, will allow e-commerce warehouses to reach their customers faster, at a lower cost, and with greater accuracy. Robee starts duty in 2021 with a goods-to-person model designed to optimize collection-station operations, following the implementation of the proof-of-concept application in the last quarter of 2020. After the debut of the initial model, Move, Zone Picking, and Sort models will be added to Robee the following year.

  • The Engineer Who Lit Our Way: Al-Jazari

    About 800 years ago, Ismail al-Jazari, the chief engineer of the Artuqid state, created robots that performed simple functions with mechanisms that he hid inside human statues to amaze his guests. Jazari’s desire to tell stories by combining machines with art led him to invent history’s first robot. The Istanbul Jazari Museum, a cultural-heritage project we value greatly and diligently support, is dedicated to this founding father of mechanics and great genius of the Middle Ages. Jazari teaches us that to be a great engineer, we have to look out at the wide horizons of the world with open eyes.

  • A. Dogukan Duran Robotics Team Leader

    Tekhnelogos is the perfect research environment for me because it paves the way for innovation and creativity, both through its generous support for the graduate education and academic work of its employees and through its robust mechanical and electronic laboratories.

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  • Furkan Can Yelkenci Mechanics Team Leader

    Technological advancement is only possible by contributing to scientific progress. As an engineer, this means that the ideas behind products and designs need to be based on science and address real life. Tekhnelogos—as both an R&D center and a company that develops many different projects, in addition to its main activities in the development and implementation of innovative technologies—is one of the biggest supporters of technological progress. Feeling this power behind me in my engineering work gives me the energy and motivation to perform.

Our Robotics Products
  • Robee

    A robot that navigates using QR codes, locates products and moves shelves to retrieve them, and carries them to collection stations for packaging in e-commerce warehouses.

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  • BeeSmart

    Warehouse-management software that manages Robee units so that orders in e-commerce warehouses can be moved to collection stations quickly, accurately, and economically.

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Robotics R&D Projects
  • Robee Move

    An autonomous robot that can determine its own path with advanced sensors and carry various loads from one place to another.

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