Technology of Art and Mind

The world is always changing, but it’s changing faster now than ever before. The main driver of this change today is technology. Deriving from the Greek words techne (art) and logos (reason), technology is, at root, a blending of art and science for the betterment of humanity. And at Tekhnelogos, that is our mission—combining technology with an engineering universe where science and art blend, and placing people at the center as we work to solve basic problems like environmental pollution, poverty, and inequality of opportunity.

A Universe of Technology

Founded out of a love for learning and R&D, Tekhnelogos is not only a company whose employees share a passion for science, art, and culture, but also, and more importantly, a community whose members are committed to a common dream. We are building a forward-looking institute where we can learn and teach, gather and share. For while producing technology is valuable in its own right, it’s nothing compared with training and shaping the minds behind that technology. That’s why we not only work to promote a shared vision in our own sector, but also provide support to transform skilled labor into sustainable projects and carry out important cultural and community projects that will contribute to society and humanity more broadly.

Let’s Build the Future Together

On the one hand, we are committed to meeting the demands and expectations of today. On the other, we are helping to build the future. We welcome everyone who wants to participate in this great and exciting journey to join us at Tekhnelogos. We invite those who want to participate in the privileged world of Tekhnelogos to collaborate with us in the research and development stages of our projects or to become partners in our worthy and profitable investments.

  • Life at Tekhnelogos

    Just as people are at the core of our understanding of product development, human values are at the core of our business life, because every employee is first and foremost a person and a valuable member of the Tekhnelogos family. At Tekhnelogos, a campus open 24/7, we offer countless opportunities for our employees to develop themselves socially, culturally, and individually.

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  • How We Operate

    At Tekhnelogos, we see individuals not as resources to be exploited but as investments to be nurtured. Therefore, we manage our projects with micro-teams and inter-team cooperation rather than with a strict operational hierarchy. Our human resources office provides all kinds of support to ensure that employees’ business lives and career plans are based on healthy foundations. In addition, we strive to make as much room as possible on our staff for foreign, immigrant, and refugee employees in order to strengthen our team’s international vision.

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Tekhnelogos Values: What
Do We Believe

Tekhnelogos was founded on the basis of a set of core principles, and we carry our uncompromising commitment to those principles with us in all the work we do.

  • 1

    The products we develop cater to universal needs and are based on universal standards. We have a perspective that encompasses the whole world, and we believe that opening up to global markets contributes not only to our company and our immediate community, but to people the world over.

  • 2

    If it weren’t for science, there would be no technology. In the products we develop, we both benefit from science and create developmental environments that will expand the horizons of scientific research.

  • 3

    We aim for each of our products to be its own small step forward for humanity. Each of our products brings a new perspective that distinguishes it from earlier products. And each of our projects starts with the same question: What are we offering that’s new?

  • 4

    Sustainable production starts at home, helping to promote both local businesses and a country’s economy. To this end, we are committed to using locally produced and locally sourced goods and services wherever possible in all our work.

  • 5

    The world’s greatest treasure is its natural environment. To keep that environment clean and healthy, we operate on a business model that is designed to be environmentally friendly, just like our products.

  • 6

    We attach great importance to collaboration in product development. By integrating the development of our products with products at other companies, we add value to both.

  • 7

    All our products are designed to be of maximum benefit to humanity and society. And we believe that by making technology more accessible to all, we can help eliminate inequalities of opportunity.

  • 8

    We regard artificial intelligence not only as a technology, but also as an advantage that gives our products a leg up. We appreciate the contribution that artificial intelligence makes in each of our products, and we are committed to develop humanity’s progress in the AI field both locally and globally.

Our Team

At Tekhnelogos, we focus on managing our work, not our workers. Our employees are aware of their responsibilities and the need for self-discipline, and they take pride in their contributions to our common future, both locally and globally. We are constantly learning new things and sharing them with one another, just like a university.

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Proje değil ürün geliştiriyoruz

Tekhnelogos’da yazılımı bir proje değil bir ürün olarak görüyor ve ürün geliştirmenin tecrübe ve doğru analize ihtiyaç duyduğunu düşünüyoruz. İnsan ve ürüne odaklanarak sürdürebilir, yenilikçi, disiplinli bir çalışma yapısı benimsiyoruz. Sahip olduğumuz yenilikçi bakış açısını, yazılım alanındaki bilgi ve deneyimimiz ile harmanlayarak gelecekte var olmak isteyen şirketlere; Web Tasarımı, Özel Web Yazılımı Geliştirme, Windows ve MacOs masaüstü yazılımı geliştirme, iOs ve Android mobil yazılım geliştirme, UX ve UI tasarımı geliştirme hizmetleri sağlıyoruz.

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  • Osman Subasi General Manager

    Automation, digitization, and sustainable resource use are the cornerstones of today’s new economy, and any company that wants to do business in it needs robotic solutions and AI-powered decision systems. Initial investment costs and high displacement rates may make the automation process painful in the short term. But over the long term, automation directs employees to business areas that will produce more added value, promotes better working conditions, makes businesses more competitive, and promises a return on investment within two or three years. This is the future of retail.

Join Us

Our door is always open to engineers who are experts in their field and who have a desire to contribute to the advancement of science. If you believe that you can contribute to Tekhnelogos in any of our fields of operation, please contact us. If you are new to your profession and love to learn, have a solid working knowledge of a foreign language, and have contributed to at least one successful project in a relevant field during your university years, we would be delighted to invite you to apply to become part of our team.

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Our Group Companies and Activities

Tekhnelogos uses a range of channels, including its main brand and its group companies, to produce technology, expand our investments, test out our technologies, and further our knowledge and expertise in different fields. In addition, we provide operational support via products in particular technological service areas through various micro-companies. We operate with the brands Uc Elma in insurance; Betages, AlfaGes, and UranusGes in energy; Libronet in publishing; Calibro in electronic books; and in e-commerce. We carry out our robotics activities at the company Makhina Robotics; and after completing our R&D projects in the field of medicine, we intend to create new micro-companies to execute our plans for products this field as well. We have also incorporated the Istanbul Jazari Museum Initiative, our flagship project in the cultural-heritage sphere.

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