The Warehouse’s New Boss

The Warehouse’s New Boss

Robees, the diligent workers of e-commerce and third-party logistics warehouses, need the management of an advanced mind that knows and sees the entire warehouse in order for them to work smoothly. This manager is our BeeSmart warehouse execution system. BeeSmart is a robust warehouse manager that knows and checks customer orders, collection and handling stations, product information on shelves, and, most importantly, the locations and movements of all warehouse robots.

  • BeeSmart’s in Command

    BeeSmart’s in Command

    As soon as an order containing multiple products is received, BeeSmart assigns it to an optimized collection station where each part of the order is fulfilled by its own Robee. Thanks to BeeSmart’s AI, these tasks are assigned in the optimal way regardless of scale or order size. A few minutes after the customer clicks on the checkout button, Robees begin to prepare the order.

  • Your Warehouse’s Digital Twin

    Your Warehouse’s Digital Twin

    The most important feature of BeeSmart is its simulation capability. Because the software creates a digital twin of the warehouse, even the smallest planned changes can be simulated and checked in advance. Setting up more collection stations, employing more staff, adding new rack systems, increasing the number of Robees, adding new areas to warehouses, changing the direction of traffic on the warehouse floor, adding a new shift, adding or dropping a new product category, and every other imaginable change can be planned in a practical way thanks to BeeSmart.