The New Guests of the Internet

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes systems in which the flow of information and data over the internet is carried out not only by people, but also through physical objects. Objects with one or more sensors add the data they collect from their environment; this data is then compiled into a form of big data shared over the internet to create intelligent networks. IoT devices—and closely related to concepts such as smart cities, smart homes, and smart businesses—will also be joined in the future by devices that regularly share data from the human body. And as a result of the rapid growth of IoT objects, not only us but billions of small devices will be using the internet.

The New Guests of the Internet
  • Our Mission Is Device Electronics
    Our Mission Is Device Electronics

    Our sensor, electronic, and micro-mechanical experience in engineering applications is guiding us in our work on new R&D projects. By building up our team of expert engineers and technicians every year, we have come a significant way in the production of AI-supported handheld devices connected to the internet. One of our first major experiences in developing such devices was a special smart device for remotely sealing and size testing natural gas systems, which we achieved by incorporating electronic, software, pneumatic, micro-mechanical, and sensor technologies. We are now building on this and other experiences in our product development in different areas.

  • The IoT Revolution in Medical Devices
    The IoT Revolution in Medical Devices

    Until recently, medical electronics was a sector that provided large imaging devices mainly to hospitals, but today it is aimed directly at the home user. To take the work in this field to the next level, we have started bringing our IoT experience to bear on medical devices and begun R&D work on home telemedical devices. Telemedicine, supported by IoT devices and AI-powered software, is a system that allows doctors to diagnose an illness using information about a patient’s body obtained remotely, whether from home or from work. We believe that telemedicine applications will be the most important factor in the future development of public health, allowing healthcare services to reach remote locations at a low cost.

  • Big Data’s Small Sensors
    Big Data’s Small Sensors

    The Internet of Things is a concept directly related to big data. Billions of small sensors are spread around the world, collecting data from all over and sending it to central servers. Provided that the privacy of information is protected, the data collected from IoT devices is of incredible use for scientific and technological development, and for the development of artificial intelligence, too. Today, the data collected by smartphone accelerometers and GPS sensors is processed in map applications, providing real-time information on city traffic that allows us to make accurate predictions about traffic flows. In the near future, we will be surrounded by IoT devices that collect various types of data that AI can use for all sorts of novel purposes. For this reason, we at Tekhnelogos believe that the future of IoT is going to be revolutionary in all kinds of ways, and we’re committed to embracing these possibilities through an openness to new ideas in all our R&D work.

Our IoT Products

  • Telecontrol

    An IoT device that injects air into natural gas systems, performs sealing and volume measurements, sends data out wirelessly, and allows the gas feed to be activated remotely.

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IoT R&D Projects

  • The Telemedicine Device
    The Telemedicine Device

    A tele-health device that collects physiological data and images in digital format during a physical examination and sends the results to health workers.

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  • Digital Manometer
    Digital Manometer

    A digital manometer that automatically measures the sealing of a natural gas system via a mobile application.

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