TekhneLabs: Human-Oriented Technology

The world of the future holds unprecedented opportunities, but also unprecedented challenges, including overpopulation, pollution, dwindling natural resources, and a growing inequality of opportunities. At Tekhnelogos, we believe that the surest way to address these challenges lies in environmentally conscious and human-oriented technologies, the design of which is part of the core of the R&D work we’re carrying out at TekhneLabs. We want everything we do to improve upon what we’ve done before, so we’re committed to using the technology we have to develop the technology we need, carrying the best of today forward in crafting an even better tomorrow.

Government-Approved R&D Center

TekhneLabs, the heart of Tekhnelogos, was established as an independent department in 2013 with the mission of carrying forward our work as a leading innovator. TekhneLabs is our technology laboratory, and an R&D center approved by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. But it’s also much more than that. From the very start, we wanted TekhneLabs to be a place where we could collaborate with others who share our excitement and our dreams. In addition to bringing stakeholders in to join in the project-development process, we have also begun to partner with universities, thus further establishing this spirit of cooperation and collaboration as a core part of our work.

Always New

Progress is only possible through innovation—not just being open to the new, but actively creating it. When developing quality products using software, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence technologies in the fields of engineering, e-commerce, medicine, and building information modeling (BIM), we build on what has been done in the past, we don’t just imitate it. At TekhneLabs, we combine cutting-edge research with our signature commitment to innovation in everything we do, from initial brainstorming and planning to research and production.

Our Focus Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is going to define the next decade of technological progress, and we incorporate the revolutionary capabilities of AI in every product we design. We already have software products that can entirely replace human labor in certain fields. And our visionary robotics team is hard at work on a new generation of robotics products, whose advanced machine intelligence and revolutionary electromechanical capabilities will allow for the full automatization of even more fields.

Driving the Research, Together

Staying on top of the latest advances in science and technology requires a keen commitment to research, and only by keeping abreast of the latest research can one ensure the soundness of a project’s theoretical foundation. But at TekhneLabs, our team doesn’t just follow these advances, we drive them, partnering with scholars and scientists on pioneering research in mathematics and other fields. And while knowledge may be its own reward, we provide a range of incentives to help keep team members’ curiosity fresh, because a little extra motivation never hurts.

  • Mehmed Ali Çalışkan Chief Technology Officer

    Knowledge has always shaped the world, but the pace at which it does so is increasing every day. Our grandparents experienced the transition to modernity, we have experienced post-modernity, and our grandchildren will experience a post-human age in which they share their world with machines. If our aim is to develop tools for the world of the future, we need to recognize this reality and design systems that incorporate more machine intelligence and more machine autonomy.

What We Do

Our R&D work centers on four areas:


Engineers help build the world, and we make sure they have the tools they need to do so. We take cutting-edge research in areas like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and thermal engineering and turn it into products equipped with AI, designed to meet the latest standards, and built in a way that redefines computer-aided design. Whether in terms of software, robotics, or IoT, our products help engineers push the envelope and test the limits of the imagination.

What is our perspective on engineering, and what do we do in this field?


The volume of online shopping is growing exponentially every day. But while purchases may be taking place on the screen of a phone or a computer, it is recommendation engines that are bringing the products to those screens and logistics systems that are bringing the packages to the door. That’s where we come in. At Tekhnelogos, we take the experience we’ve gained working for years with our affiliate online retailer Babil.com and combine it with our technology to develop quality products in all areas of e-commerce.

What is our perspective on e-commerce, and what do we do in this field?


The steady progress of science allows us to more effectively combat threats to human health while paving the way for new discoveries in the field of medicine. Despite this, factors like rapid population growth, income inequality, and economic hardship are making healthcare increasingly complex and unmanageable. We believe that the solution lies in pairing medical advances with a more comprehensive use of technology in the healthcare system. To this end, we are putting machine intelligence and big-data processing to work in developing diagnostic and treatment-recommendation systems that will be as independent of doctors as possible, ensuring that the medical advances of the future will be accessible to all. But it’s not just about access. We also recognize that advances in technology are making possible new ways of relating to and interacting with existing healthcare systems, so we’re developing faster and smarter tools that will allow clinics to seamlessly transition to a future in which people will be able to access healthcare options through social media and smartphones.

What do we work on and what are our goals in the field of health?

Building Information Modeling

Today, as buildings become increasingly “smart,” stakeholders in the construction process need access to and the ability to share an ever-growing wealth of information. To meet this need, BIM was developed to manage information and information sharing from a single center. This requires having enough machine intelligence about a building to provide the required BIM data. The smart engineering software we’ve developed for domestic and commercial natural gas systems and waste-gas flue systems is designed to provide this data and to meet BIM standards. Our R&D team is also hard at work on new projects supporting BIM-based building production.

What is our BIM vision, and what are we doing in this field?

  • Eyüp Önder R&D Director

    All activities carried out to increase knowledge—whether in technology, culture, education, or some other field—is a kind of R&D. Products and information resulting from R&D can each be transformed into an innovative and high-end value added. Tekhnelogos, which has been carrying out R&D activities since its establishment—and owes its first product to these activities—knows that R&D is the key to competitive advantage and sustainable growth. As an R&D center approved by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology since 2017, we believe that R&D work is always an achievement, regardless of the result. And we offer various incentives to all our staff to help instill this awareness, promote projects, and increase knowledge.

Our Capabilities:
What Technology Do We Use?

The bulk of our R&D work relies on four things:


Software is at the heart of all the products we develop. This makes us first and foremost a software-development company. Although we’re most familiar with software products as applications with a user interface on computers and phones, the heart of software is what’s going on in the background as it performs important functions in the embedded systems of robotics and IoT products. We use the latest coding languages and platforms in software development and employ cutting-edge approaches in our project-management and development work.

What is our perspective on software, and how do we use it?

Artificial Intelligence

Machine intelligence, or AI, is theoretically no different from human intelligence, and we believe the two will eventually be practically indistinguishable. AI already outperforms human intelligence in certain areas. In our R&D laboratories, we approach artificial intelligence with a vision of the future. We don’t see it as something that will work against or replace humans, but as something that will complement them. When armed with sufficient data, we believe that AI will be able to make decisions and predictions that are sharper and more consistent than anything humans can do on their own. This is why we approach AI technology not with conventional software-development methods, but instead with more complex engineering tools such as data modeling, algorithmic solutions, and field applications, and we design products in all engineering, medical, e-commerce, and BIM environments based on this approach.

What does our artificial intelligence vision look like?


Robots have been a cornerstone of industrial production since the mid-twentieth century. Today, revolutionary advances in technology are making it possible to produce robots that can do everything a human can do in virtually every sphere of life. Welcome to Industry 4.0: industrial facilities integrated with data, software, artificial intelligence, full automation, and robotics—the sine qua non of today’s world. At Tekhnelogos, our R&D projects—particularly mobile carrier robots—are at the vanguard of the Industry 4.0 revolution. And our first robot, Robee,

What is our perspective on robotic technology, and how do we use robotic science?

Internet of Things

By combining our knowledge of software, electronics, and mechanics, our engineers are revolutionizing the electronic experience in the IoT realm. The products we develop are all online, meaning that they can draw information from and share it over large networks. We’re currently working on R&D projects that pair IoT technology with our company’s specialized medical-readings devices, setting the stage for medical end-user devices that will support the next generation of remote medical applications.

What is our perspective on IoT technology, and how do we use it?

Technology for a More Beautiful World

At Tekhnelogos, we use our expertise in programming, robotics, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence to develop human-oriented products in the fields of engineering, e-commerce, building information modeling, and health. We are committed to designing products that make our world a more beautiful place and contribute to humanity’s future. Here is a list of our ever-growing number of products and projects

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