Building the World

The Earth has its own conditions and systems, and nature is that portion of those systems in which living things come to exist. Humans are the only living beings who have transcended nature and built their own world, and perhaps constantly rebuilding the world is part of what it means to be human. Although this act of building and rebuilding is the work of many different disciplines, engineers are at its center. Roads, houses, fields, farms, hospitals, cars, planes, computers, satellites, and many other essential elements of the infrastructure we need to sustain modern life are the products of engineering. At Tekhnelogos, we believe in the importance of engineering for a world that is in harmony with nature, makes human life meaningful, and provides equal opportunity to all, and we are committed to doing our part in building that world.

Building the World
  • Engineering for Engineers
    Engineering for Engineers

    We develop products that contribute directly to the construction of the world, as well as software and Internet of Things products to support engineering in various fields. These products, which support and facilitate processes at the heart of engineering, such as computation, analysis, design, and testing, enable engineers to maximize their productivity and efficiency. We are one of the first teams to combine AI with engineering tools that can mimic the perspective of engineers and smoothly perform activities like computation, design, control, and testing. Our work in this field is epitomized in our e-project products that perform the business of calculating, verifying, and testing for natural gas lines and similar systems so that engineers can devote their attention to other tasks.

  • Designed by Engineers: Tekhnelogos
    Designed by Engineers: Tekhnelogos

    The secret to the success of our engineering products is that our founding team consisted entirely of engineers. It was our founders and a core team of mechanical engineers who came up with our first products, together with solutions that would revolutionize the field of mechanical engineering. At heart, what makes us a successful R&D company is a simple formula: identifying a problem, offering a solution, and executing that solution in an innovative way. Our approach to product development remains centered on this simple formula. Our team has created a solution-oriented tradition that looks to nature for inspiration, views problems as a challenge rather than a nuisance, and makes design a part of everyday life.

  • Creativity in a World of Limitations
    Creativity in a World of Limitations

    Like artists, engineers push the limits of their imagination when creating a piece of work. But unlike artists, engineers are bound by a world of limitations, operating within these limitations to develop the best solution possible to whatever problem they are seeking to overcome. Engineers are thus naturally attentive to the conditions of the outside world, and engineering as a vocation is based on harmony with that world. This discipline of harmony is the most powerful of an engineer’s tools, and it lies at the center of our product-development work and community projects.

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  • Bilal Sezer
    Bilal Sezer Bilal Sezer, Senior Software Engineer

    Developing a software product is always difficult, but if you ask me what the biggest challenge of being a software developer is, I would have to say it is developing software in the field of engineering. For those of us in the software-development ecosystem who are used to dealing with databases and web services, developing engineering software can seem fun at first. But when it comes to coding, you need every piece of information you’ve been taught in the past, from the trigonometry classes you had in high school to the Physics 101 lectures in college. Working through the challenging problems on this horizon, where science and technology collide, is a great experience.

Our Engineering Products

Engineering software that can design natural gas systems and calculate pressure loss according to the TS-7363 standard

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    A large cloud platform where digital projects drawn with ZetaCAD are tracked, approved, and archived with all necessary documentation in an e-signed form.. click.

  • ChimneyMaster

    Engineering software that can perform pressure and thermodynamic calculations for the safe disposal of exhaust from boilers, furnaces, and similar equipment click.

  • Tele-control

    A device that provides the remote sealing tests and project-compatibility checks for natural gas systems. click.

Engineering R&D Projects
  • Digital Manometer
    Digital Manometer

    A pressure-gauge device that can safely perform sealing checks by pumping its own air into closed systems such as natural gas lines in buildings.

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