We Have Values to Pass Down to Future Generations

As a tech company based in Turkey, we are in the unique position of being situated at the nexus of past and present by virtue of our vocation and at the center of the world by virtue of our geographical location. Thanks to this position, we are surrounded by a rich heritage that we know has much to offer the world around us today and future generations tomorrow, including everything from knowledge, skills, and techniques to art and a legacy of solidarity. At Tekhnelogos, we know the value of this heritage and the importance of preserving it for our children, and we believe it is our responsibility to carry this heritage forward through inspiring projects. In recent years, we have allocated half of our budget to non-profit projects that reflect the ancient values of our geographical region and the universal values that humanity has nurtured here for millennia. Through our heritage projects, we aim to open up new horizons for the development of society, and especially to motivate our children to contribute to the world of the future.

Local and Universal Values Brought Together

In the fields of science, culture, art, and technology, we care about the collective heritage of our region and its legacy in shaping the farthest-flung corners of our world. By highlighting the universal character of this heritage, we strive to give our children the opportunity to avail themselves of this heritage through projects and initiatives that address and contribute to the whole world.

Changing the World through Ideas First, Then through Work

Through heritage projects, we aim to instill in our children the self-confidence they need to steer the course of the world, as well as an awareness of the importance of learning and living hardworking and productive lives. To this end, we strive to demonstrate to them the importance of science, culture, and art in creating prosperous societies, and to do so in a way that develops their interests, reveals the beauties of the human mind, and encourages them to come up with new ideas and work day and night in their pursuit.

Half of our Budget Goes to Non-Profit Heritage Projects

Few companies in the world allocate as much of their budgets to non-profit projects as Tekhnelogos. For us, this is but a natural outgrowth of our commitment to being of service to our society and our children. We are particularly proud of our non-profit work, especially the Istanbul Jazari Museum project, and of the fact that the share of our budget we dedicate to such work exceeds that of even giant companies.

The Istanbul Jazari Museum

The Istanbul Jazari Museum, which we founded in 2018, is inspired by the magnificent contributions made to humanity by the greatest engineer of the Middle Ages, Ismail al-Jazari. Though it opened only a few years ago, it’s a project that we have been supporting for a decade. The project, which was brought to life through the great efforts of the late Durmus Caliskan, made its public debut in 2018 in a magnificent exhibition that made an important contribution to the scholarly world. The Istanbul Jazari Museum builds a mechanical-historical narrative by displaying working reconstructions of Jazari’s machines together with modern machines and complementary historical, cultural, and artistic content. The Istanbul Jazari Museum is international in its scope and has already begun to collaborate with museums and institutions in many countries of the world.

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  • Osman Subasi General Manager

    Like any object that interacts with another in a rapidly evolving environment, institutions create a neural network that resembles a unique canvas with invisible bonds and colors. Tekhnelogos has always sought to combine science, skill, and art, as its name implies. In a broad sense, conscious of the fact that all the layers of society around us—customers, graduates, employees, academic consultants, suppliers, policy makers, investors—are inextricably linked, we seek to create a culture that insists upon thinking, discussing, and producing, that is, striving for change. In the globalized and competitive realm of business life, there will be traces in every organization of the relationship between the choices and preferences of the individuals that comprise the organization, the structure of business, and the objectives of life and society. In its 20 years of life so far, Tekhnelogos has produced solutions in digital automation to answer the intrinsic problems of modern business life, covering everything from the miniscule to the momentous, from idea to implementation, and from small-scale solutions to epoch-making breakthroughs.

The Durmus Caliskan Foundation Supports Young People

The late Durmus Caliskan was a respected mechanical engineer who lived a hardworking, determined, and productive life. After achieving significant professional accomplishments in the field of machine manufacturing, he dedicated his life to the work of the great engineer Jazari. Many employees of our company met him and experienced the excitement of taking part in his work on Jazari. After his death in March 2018, which deeply saddened us all, the Tekhnelogos team worked day and night to bring his great dream, the Istanbul Jazari Museum, to life. And now, inspired by his memory, we continue to support university students with the foundation we have established in his name.

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  • Nisanur Turkoglu Deputy General Manager

    For Tekhnelogos, information is the most meaningful resource we can transfer to the future. That’s why we’re taking important steps to guide children and young people through our heritage work. With our exhibition “Jazari’s Extraordinary Machines,” which is something we’ve spent years working on, we teach children the basic principles of engineering in fun way; and within the framework of our foundation activities, we support students’ academic careers through merit scholarships. We meet with students at intervals to discuss their future plans and create solutions that they can carry forward thanks to our contributions.

Kids Working Wonders with Micro:bit

On 2 December 2016, the first “Programming with Micro:bit” class in Turkey was held at the Fazilet Education Institute. Started simultaneously with schools in the UK, the class introduces young people to the world of computer programming with the aim of encouraging them to become productive and computer-literate technology users rather than merely consumers. At Tekhnelogos, we continue to support the micro:bit project by training teachers and students at schools and helping to convert the micro:bit information sources to Turkish.

Kids Working Wonders with Micro:bit