Benefit from R&D Incentives

When you come to us with your project and your team, we don’t just offer you an office space, we include you in the TekhneLabs campus. Thanks to TekhneLabs’ status as a government-approved R&D center, you can also benefit from many tax incentives, including major tax breaks and significant reductions in social security payments for employees on your project. In addition, TekhneSpace allows you to standardize all your project management, documentation, and record keeping for all your employees, so you know exactly what everyone is doing.

Benefit from R&D Incentives
  • Why TekhneSpace?

    Why TekhneSpace?

    TekhneSpace offers an office environment and staff support, as well as many opportunities to help entrepreneurs overcome the various obstacles they face. Some of the main perks that come with working at TekhneSpace include the following:

    1) Server Services: E-mail and cloud-system infrastructures.
    2) Office Area: Five floors and 800 square meters you can take advantage of on our campus, with office furniture, equipment, and everything else you could want.
    3) Financial Support: Financial support tailored to the size of your project.
    4) Training Support: In addition to the basic training we offer in the fields of business development and entrepreneurship, we also provide training in a wide range of other areas, including project management, innovation, and technology-specific training.
    5) Business Connections and Investor Network: We can help your project find investors by plugging you in to Tekhnelogos’s existing connections and investor network or through our various start-up programs.
    6) Consultancy Support in Various Fields: We provide a range of consultancy options to help you get the advice your project needs on everything from government support to academic, financial, and legal matters.
    7) Product-Promotion Support: In addition to help creating and managing your various social media accounts, we can provide you support for all your promotional digital media, including assistance with website design and content production.
    8) Advertising and Marketing Management: In transforming your project into a product, you have to tailor it to your target audience and get the message out. We help you do that through support for advertisements in digital and traditional media and for the marketing activities you need to bring in customers.
    9) Access to the Global Market: We help connect you to the global market through Tekhnelogos’s branches and connections in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United States.