The Telecontrol Era in Natural Gas

Telecontrol is the final evolution of the natural gas project-approval process and is the only hardware system of its kind. The compatibility of the digital project approved on DIPOS and the actual system is inspected by an authorized engineer from the gas-distribution company through the DIPOS Mobile application, and the sealing test of the system is carried out using a U manometer. At this DIPOS-Plus stage, which we call “digital gas activation,” the gas-distribution authority, the authorized installation company, and the subscriber must come together. In order for this meeting to take place, it necessary to schedule appointments and have everyone present at the address at the right time. Telecontrol is an IoT device designed to make this process as painless as possible, allowing the system’s installation to be checked on demand without the need for a gas-distribution authority to physically go to the address.

Everything in a Single Device

After the authorized installation company completes the installation of a subscriber’s natural gas system in accordance with the approved project plan, it can immediately start the testing and gas-activation process by connecting the Telecontrol device to the system. The Telecontrol device, aside from connecting the digital manometer, manages the process completely on its own, including the pumping of air, leakage testing, interior temperature control, and measuring the internal volume of the system, all automatically and without the need for any human intervention. The device monitors the behavior of compressed air in the system and reports an error if there is a drop in pressure.

Remote Gas Activation

One of the most important elements of Telecontrol is that the mobile application can start the process of gas activation after the Telecontrol device, which it connects to via Bluetooth, is connected to the natural gas system. Thanks to the same application, a user can also instantly see all the pressure and volume data on the device. The device performs pressure and volume testing, while the mobile application takes images and video recordings of the physical system. Telecontrol determines the properties of the installation space using the information and images of the boiler or other device installed there. This entire process is completed with the conversion of the data stream between the mobile application and the Telecontrol device into a data packet.

Traditionally, gas-activation approval is completed by an inspector and a certified company and requires a signed, physical document. But this places inordinate pressure on inspectors, who have to check installations at a number of different addresses on any a given day. With Telecontrol, all that is required is the measurement data from the Telecontrol device and the image or video records taken by the certified company that installed the boiler. These are then sent in an e-signed package to be archived and e-signed by remote inspection, allowing instant approval and removing the need for an on-site inspection. Since this archive will be evidence in the case of any future liability, it also ensures that the installation is carried out to code and in compliance with all applicable regulations.