Precise Sealing with Digital Manometers

Precise Sealing with Digital Manometers

In LPG, natural gas, and other systems where proper sealing is critical, sealing tests are performed by checking the air pressure inside the closed system using a U manometer or digital manometer. But these manometers require blowing or using a compressor to inject air into the system, which reduces the accuracy of the data because this air may be affected by temperature and humidity conditions. And even under optimal conditions, measurements need to be checked by eye, which introduces the possibility of human error. Tekhnelogos’s digital manometer solves these problems by automating the entire sealing-test process.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    The digital manometer can communicate with mobile devices via Bluetooth, which allows users to monitor changes in pressure or temperature conditions from their phone or computer once the manometer is connected. And since all functions of the device can be controlled via mobile application, you don’t have to be next to the device while you’re using it.

  • Compact and User Friendly

    Compact and User Friendly

    In an age when Internet of Things products are becoming increasingly common, portable technologies with remote-access features are making life easier for users in all sorts of fields. The digital manometer provides great conveniences in its field as a compact, mobile IoT device that can replace long U manometers used for sealing testing and electric compressors that require an electrical connection. Its ability to save the data from the measurements it takes allows the results to be reviewed after the fact if necessary.